What is the Aeronest for ?

The Aeronest is a tiny fan that attaches to all types of masks. Without altering its filtration capacity, it renews the air inside the mask and reduces temperature, condensation and CO2 for more comfort.

What is the total weight of the Aeronest ?

The complete kit with the head-strap and the fan weighs 80 grams. The fan part and the magnet worn on the mask weigh only 24 grams.

How big is the Aeronest ?

The fan is circular and measures 54mm in diameter. It snaps on the bottom-left inside the mask. The head-strap bar measures 130mm long and 12mm thick. You can reduce its length by cutting the pins to adapt it perfectly to your size.

Does the Aeronest make noise ?

In speed 1, the Aeronest will be practically inaudible even in a quiet environment.

What is the price of the Aeronest ?

The Aeronest comes as a complete kit with the retaining bar, the fan, the fixing magnet, the metal circle with the logo as well as a usb cable with magnetic attach for charging. Everything is sold for xxx €

What is the battery-life of the Aeronest ?

Depending on the speed chosen, the Aeronest can renew the air inside the mask for 8 to 12 hours.

Does the Aeronest modify the mask ?

The magnetic attach system allows the fan to be snapped without altering the filtration capacity of the mask. The air is drowned by the fan through the filtering fabrics, towards the interior of the mask.

How to disinfect the Aeronest ?

The mask and the Aeronest can be sterilized with the PureBox, a portable UVC sterilization box available here : PureBox UVC

Who is the Aeronest intended for ?

The Aeronest is an essential support for all people forced to wear the mask full-time, especially professionals. The Aeronest is also the new best friend of travelers, for the plane, train or public transport.